Dear friend,

Are you about to give up? How many doctors and tests have you gone through, and how much money have you spent? Here’s the thing. Sometimes the answer is just outside the box. Maybe the best way to get you this message is to tell you about what happened to me.

When I was in college, my back started to hurt me more and more. To be blunt, it hurt like crazy. It hurt so bad that I got stabbing pain between my shoulders that went down into my low back sometimes, and I couldn’t stand or sit for very long. I couldn’t remember any significant injury that would have caused this severe problem. One doctor offered pills and shots, and in desperation, I went to a second. He told me that, when we remove the nerve pressure in my spine, I’d be better off. I didn’t believe him, but he fixed me — no drugs and no surgery. That good doctor was a chiropractor, and I was astounded! So, I changed my life direction and took four more years of college to become a chiropractor myself. These days, I am blessed to help people with headaches, migraines, chronic pain, neck pain, shoulder/ arm pain, whiplash from car accidents, backaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness in limbs and athletic injuries, just to name a few.

I went to the chiropractor as a last resort, and now, I often see people who’ve come to me when they have tried everything. Here are two things I understand that just make sense. One — the body is smart and is always striving to heal itself. And two — working with the body’s inborn healing systems makes good sense. I’m a chiropractor, and I do things differently. My job is to get to the root cause of (many) health problems. Covering up symptoms with drugs may not make sense in some cases.

Here’s what some of my other patients had to say.

“At age 52, my back is younger and healthier than when I was in my 20s or 30s.” T. Croft (lawyer) – Fort Collins

“I used to have 20 years of migraines. Now I am very seldom down with illness, so I can meet my many deadlines!” D. Harrington (bookeeper) – Fort Collins

“Total resolution of pain, a correction of my posture, as well as feeling more joy, calmness and happiness.”  S. Henke (MD) – Fort Collins

“When I leave there, I feel I’m just ready to whip the world!” – L. Batten (senior citizen) – Fort Collins

You need to know that I don’t cure anyone. Sometimes, nerve interference gets in the way of the body’s inborn ability to heal itself. What I do is remove nerve pressure and allow the body to heal itself. I’m not a miracle worker; your own body is the miracle. Although all people respond differently to care, a study in 1994 showed that over 98 percent of people seeing a chiropractor were satisfied. That is incredible. If you are tired of getting nowhere seeking an answer, perhaps you need to look in a different direction.

One out of seven dollars spent in this country are for health care, yet we are shockingly only 37th in the list of healthy nations. Is what you are doing for your health working? Look at all the drugs commercials on TV. Do you think we need a change? I know from what I see every day, and what chiropractic has done for me, that one of the biggest problems in health care is ignorance and intolerance for health care that is not drug-based. Are you ready for a different answer? My new patient examination will include x-rays, neurologic and chiropractic tests — the whole ball of wax. If care is needed, we have affordable care options, as well as family plans.

My office manager is Katrina, and she is wonderful.  Our phone number is (970) 224-5006. Call today for an appointment to find out if chiropractic treatment is right for you. We can help you.

Thanks, and God Bless.

Simon Dove, D.C.
P.S. Imagine not having to wait for an hour in a doctor’s office. Well, your time is as important as ours. So we have a no-wait policy. That means, unless something very unusual is going on, you’ll be seen within a few minutes of your appointment time.