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About Chiropractic Wellness Center

Dr. Dove and the entire office team are thrilled that you’re considering care with us, and we can’t wait to welcome you into the practice.

We know that you’ll feel at ease from the moment you step foot into our healing center-we’ve designed the space so that you’re relaxed, comfortable and open to wellness.

Our Journey to Chiropractic

Before Dr. Dove purchased Chiropractic Wellness Center, a chiropractic friend and colleague owned the practice. When she wasn’t able to be in the office, he’d cover for her, and during that time, he fell in love with the area and the people he got a chance to work with and heal.

When it came time for his friend to retire and sell the practice, he knew it was the perfect space for him to make his mark. He acquired the office and has enjoyed helping practice members of all walks of life understand the benefits of NSA ever since!

Your life is going to be better if you don’t have nervous system interference. Our bodies are amazing self-healing machines, and when we give them the proper support they need, you’ll be amazed at the results. Health is our most valuable possession!

Seeing Success Daily

Dr. Dove loves helping practice members of all walks of life achieve their goals in health, but some of his favorite experiences come when practice members visit us for one complaint, and come in weeks later to let us know that other issues they hadn’t previously mentioned have suddenly cleared up, too! This has been true of people with asthma who initially came for back pain, and even children who start doing better in school with improved focus.

We know you’ll love to see what ‘positive symptoms’ result from your chiropractic care!

Get Started Today

Our team would love the chance to welcome you into our care. If you’d like to get to know more about what we can offer you and your family, please contact us today to book your first appointment.

Remember, we’ll never force you to receive care if you don’t want to-we want you to be an active partner in your care, and we aim to teach you how you can stay well for a lifetime.

Get started today!

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