Once we got through the initial confusion when I first started coming, the care has been first rate. I enjoy working with Dr. Dove.

– Sonia I.

The care my family receives from Dr. Dove is amazing. It keeps our bodies healthy and balanced. The atmosphere and Dr. Dove’s wonderful positivity are refreshing! I can’t imagine life without it.

– Tracy W.

I am grateful for my weekly visits with Dr. Dove! Great taste in ties and a smile that lifts me up!

– Minor K.

I brought my 3 month old son in for an alignment assessment by Dr. Dove. He was very thorough and gentle! He relieved some inflammation my son had around C1 during the first session with light touch maneuvers. My son was never uncomfortable or fussy, in fact, it seemed as though he enjoyed it. Thank you Dr. Dove!

– Kira P.

Dr. Dove is caring and considerate. He really listens to my thoughts and questions, and has helped me a lot. My overall wellness is benefiting greatly from my time with Chiropractic Wellness Center and Dr. Dove. Well worth the time and money!

– Penni J.

I’ve been a customer for 8 months and in that time I’ve noticed reduced pain, better posture, and increased sense of well being. I prefer this style of chiropractic care to the snap, crackle, pop kind and would recommend Dr. Dove to others.

– Kyle S.