Massage therapy is often utilized in conjunction with chiropractic care because of its holistic healing properties. Massage can loosen tight muscles and relieve tension and stress.
When muscles are tense, they can cause misalignment in the spine. This can lead to a wide range of other issues. When tension and stress start to get you down, a therapeutic massage can offer relief before the muscles misalign your spine or cause you to injure another part of your body.
Massage is also good for creating more awareness in your body as you sit, walk, drive, sleep, stand, etc. This awareness can help you create new behaviors, which, in turn, can help you have different outcomes. Come in for a free chiropractic consultation, and the doctor will determine if massage is needed.


Massage is the process during which a licensed massage therapist will knead and stretch muscles and other soft tissue.


We have a select list of licensed massage therapists that we recommend. They will spend some time asking you questions about your health and possible symptoms you are having. They will also ask you about past injuries and problems you may have had. This will help them determine the areas that need the most care and attention.


Many different techniques may be used to relieve muscle tension. The licensed massage therapists we recommend can determine the best techniques to help you heal as quickly and safely as possible.


If you have ever had a massage, you know that it is a non-invasive way to help you heal and relax. If you have not experienced massage therapy before, then contact us to make an appointment with one of our recommended licensed massage therapists. Massage therapy is perfect for any patient with chronic conditions, and it may be beneficial in the long-term as well.


A sports massage differs from a regular massage in the fact that the massage therapist will reach the deeper muscles and tissues to help relieve pain from sport injuries.

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