Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) is designed to educate you on your body’s own rhythms, as well as your inner wisdom. This is accomplished through a series of breathing exercises that emphasize focused attention, movement, gentle breath and touch. The SRI exercises are all based on The 12 Stages of Healing, a book written by Donald Epstein, and they are all designed to help the brain and body to reconnect. With a new level of focus on touch, breath, attention and movement, patients are able to become more in tune with their bodies, free up their minds and focus on the mind’s innate ability to heal.

What does Somato Respiratory Integration have to do with chiropractic care?

SRI isn’t like a chiropractic adjustment or any other physical treatment; it’s a mind-body connection that helps patients find relief from stress and pain. SRI may seem like a stand-alone treatment, but it works best when it’s used in conjunction with Network Spinal Analysis. Believe it or not, SRI is actually a chiropractic treatment, and in addition to providing patients with a stronger sense of emotional well-being, it helps to enhance general health and physical well-being.

Experience the benefits of Somato Respiratory Integration.

With a renewed connection between your body and your mind, you’ll be able to experience the many benefits associated with SRI. Here are just a few of the ways that SRI can enhance your life:

  • Decrease any unconscious resistance or defense you may have up.
  • Gain insight into where you store tension in your body, allowing you to release it more effectively during times of stress.
  • Improve your posture and deep breathing.
  • Learn how to respond better to stress.
  • Gain a more flexible and integrated mind-body experience.
  • Learn how to adapt to changing and challenging situations.
  • Improve physical and mental health.

Is Somato Respiratory Integration right for you?

Although SRI can help to facilitate healing and is a wonderful complement to Network Spinal Analysis and other chiropractic treatments, you don’t have to be injured or diagnosed with an illness to benefit from SRI. In fact, it’s one of those treatments we could all benefit from practicing in our day-to-day lives. However, finding a chiropractor trained in SRI can be difficult. There are many chiropractors in Fort Collins and throughout Northern Colorado, but not all of them focus on the mind-body connection.

Experienced and trained in the elements of SRI, our chiropractor, Dr. Dove, implements the healing qualities of this specialized technique in his daily care. The entire staff at Fort Collins’ Chiropractic Wellness Center is fully committed to delivering the best in holistic care and chiropractic treatments for all of our valued clients, healing the mind, body and spirit.

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